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St. James School

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We, members of the St. James School Education Foundation, believe firmly in the profound role of Catholic education in helping us fulfill our parental obligation of forming children who follow Jesus Christ. We recognize that Catholic education has been a special gift for the Church in the United States, but in the last fifty years it has been threatened financially, as demonstrated by closings of elementary and secondary schools throughout the country. St. James School Education Foundation was founded to secure the future of Catholic education in St. James parish, ensuring that primary education, enlivened by our religious faith, will be passed on to coming generations.


The Foundation continues to be true our three simple goals:

  • Building on the current success of St. James School, we strive to provide for its financial security.
  • As part of ensuring the future of SJS, we recognize the need to invest annually in the school. Mindful that the school's faculty is its primary strength, we support the school budget at a level that facilitates just compensation for faculty.
  • The SJS programs and projects that SJSEF funds are designed to enhance the education of all SJS students.