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The Catholic Schools We Need: When St. Paul describes the gifts God has given the church, he includes teaching among the most important (1 Cor 12:28). No surprise there. “Go teach!” was the final mandate of Jesus.  Are we not facing our own crisis of closure for the Catholic school in America? The answer is yes.

Can Catholic Schools Be Saved? Lacking nuns and often students, a shrinking system looks for answers

Resilient Philanthropy: How various ecnomic scenarios affect giving

For Catholic Schools, Crisis and Catharsis: New York Times January 18, 2009

Catholics In Crisis: ( Between tort lawsuits and declining atendance, the Roman Catholic Church in North America is a financial mess. Some Wall Streeters think they can clean it up

At Philly 'Future' School, Books Are So 20th Century: NPR There's a new high school this fall in the poor neighborhood in Philadelphia - a new kind of high school designed to incorporate technology into virtually every aspect of the school's academic and social life. For starters, every student has a laptop computer

Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops statement.